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Name:Carmen Marie Mitchell
Birthdate:Apr 2

Carmen Marie Mitchell

Carmen was born 18 months after her older twin brothers Nathan and Caleb. Their parents were thrilled to have three children, and there was no lack of love and happiness in their home. That was, until tragedy struck and leukemia took Caleb from them when he was only 8 years old. For then-six-year-old Carmen, it was a loss that it would take her years to understand, but despite the heartache and pain suffered by their family, it drew her and Nate much closer together. They were each other's closest friends and confidantes for many years. That bond only strengthened when their father deserted the family, lost in his own grief, and leaving their mom to raise the two kids alone.

As they grew older, Nate and Carmen remained very close, Nate very much taking on the role of the man of the house, making sure that Carmen did her homework and her chores when their mom wasn't home. She may not have been much younger than he was, but the pair of them were well aware that they were all each other had left as far as siblings went, and they didn't ever want to lose one another.

That continued for quite a while, until Carmen's freshman year of high school. It was a huge transition for her, and the anxiety caused by that, combined with the lingering emotional damage from the childhood tragedies of losing her big brother, and her father's desertion, led to Carmen going down a path no one would've expected from her. Within a few months of starting high school, she was hanging out with kids a lot older than her... and not known for being the best crowd. Her grades began to slip, and she started skipping classes left and right. She lost her virginity just before turning fifteen, and from there began to get a reputation around school for her sexual promiscuity. This only led to more and more problems -- drinking, smoking, and eventually drugs -- leaving her poor mother at a complete loss, and Nate completely heartbroken for his little sister.

In the end, it would be Nate who saved her life. When she was 16, after over a year of involving herself in more and more dangerous and senseless behavior, Nate finally caught Carmen trying to steal from their mom to buy more drugs. She let slip in her rage that her dealer was on his way, but a quick phone call to the police ensured that said dealer never made it there. Then Nate took Carmen on a long ride to a park where they'd played as kids, and begged her with everything in him to get off the path she was on before she ended up pregnant, disease ridden, or dead. It was very much Carmen's moment of clarity, and after initially resisting, she finally relented, breaking down in tears and begging Nate to help her get help.

Rehab was hardly an easy road, but she came through it, then turned her focus to staying clean and getting her grades back up to help her get into college. She took on a part-time job waiting tables through high school, and repaid most of the money she'd taken from her family, and she hasn't missed a Narcotics Anonymous meeting since the day she got out of rehab.


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DISCLAIMER: Carmen Marie Mitchell is a fictional character created for an original, non-fandom RPG. Her backstory and all of her writings belong to her creator. Her face belongs to Dianna Agron, with whom this journal is not affiliated. No harm intended. Just fun times.

Dream Like New York

After getting her life back on track, Carmen was determined to get a college degree and make something of herself, and found that she very much wanted to do something that would allow her to help other people, considering how lucky she was to have had people helping her along the way. So she made the move to joint Nate in New York after graduation, and began school at LaGuardia Community College, where she earned her degree and became a paramedic.

Her bond with Nate had definitely been renewed after all the drama in high school, and Carmen had been grateful for the chance to get to start the new chapter of her life with her brother and best friend by her side. In the midst of her move, she got to know Nate's boyfriend and the love of his life, Tyler, with whom she became very close, thankful and happy to see someone making Nate so happy after all the hell he'd been through with her, and throughout their growing up years.

But once again, as seemed to be a running theme, tragedy struck, and Tyler was raped just before he and Nathan were supposed to be married. In the wake of it, Tyler didn't cope at all, and Carmen watched in horror as her brother's relationship fell apart. Tyler went down a path that Carmen was familiar with, but to a far greater degree than anything she'd ever done, when he killed his attacker, and descended into a downward spiral that would result in a heartbroken Nate having no choice but to end things. Still, despite how much he truly hurt her brother, Carmen can't help but feel sympathy and concern toward the man she'd come to love as an extension of her family.

Despite all this heartache, there have certainly been moments of joy, and bright silver linings along the way. After graduating with her degree and beginning her work as a paramedic, only a few weeks into her job, she responded to a horrible motorcycle accident, where a young man was at death's door. Unable to move him as quickly as they needed to, requiring him to be airlifted, and Aaron Watson was one of the flight medics on the chopper. Of course there was hardly time for sparks to fly then, but Carmen didn't forget his face. And when, a few weeks later, they had a meeting with all paramedics (including flight medics) in the area, she found herself face to face with him again. The pair ended up sitting together at the meeting, and afterward, grabbing a cup of coffee, though they argue to this day over who invited whom for said coffee. It was kismet from the start, and they hit it off like nothing else.

They've been a couple more or less ever since, and Nate, ever cautious about his little sister, even came to like Aaron after he saw that the guy was smart, responsible, and really cared for Carmen. To complete the deal, Aaron came with his own built in fag to Carmen's hag, his younger brother, Beau. She's become the very best of friends with him, and loves being a fag hag almost as much as she loves being a little sister.

In the meantime, she's not given up on Nate's love life, and is torn between trying to set him up with someone new, and hoping and praying that Tyler will one day come to his senses and realize that Nate has loved him all along.

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